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In Pictures: 40 Of The Dirtiest PCs We've Ever Seen

Dusty Old PC

This ancient technology might even be dustier than the case.


Buttons on the butts, or butts on the buttons? This is a real custom design. Don't smoke, kids.


This computer looks like the victim of a necromancer.

Beware Of Dust Mites

We think those are dust bunnies, and not cat poop.

Cooler Camouflage

It almost looks like this cooler is equipped with a camouflage net (or its own toupee).

Dust Scraping

Should fan blades be used to scrape off dust?

The D.U.S.T. Form Factor

Is that an ATX or a DUST motherboard? It's honestly amazing that this system worked at all.

Powder Coating

Modders just love a good powder coating!

Organically-Grown Insulating Mats

Organically-grown insulation is much more eco-friendly than plastic.

Lintel Inside

Don't forget to empty the lint tray in your computer!

Sheep-Looking Computer

Looks like someone shredded a sheep in the front fan.