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Community Picks: Most Memorable PC Game Glitches

6. ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition’ - Flying Mammoth

Despite all the improvements made in the second release of the popular game, more than a few glitches still scatter the world of Skyrim. In this case, you’ll see giant mammoths floating in the sky for a moment before they drop back to terra firma. The glitch is an update of an old bug in the original game, in which the mammoths were stuck in mid-air. It's progress, of a sort!

5. ‘Fallout 3’ - Body Parts

The human body is capable of so many more things after it's been exposed to the fallout of a nuclear war. You can see many examples of this in the post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C., area. Some of the body glitches you’ll see are the stuff of nightmares; others might make you laugh. A few characters might stretch out and have multiple spasms as they tumble through the air. Other times, body parts (such as the eyes) will hang in midair while the rest of the body lies limp on the ground.

4. ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ - Horse Tilting

We’re aware that Skyrim appears twice on this list, but this glitch is just too memorable to not give its own treatment. Traveling throughout Skyrim takes some time, even with the in-game fast-travel system, as well as riding on horseback. If you want a much faster method of travel, though, you can use the "horse tilting" method. By riding a horse as it tilts over a rock, and then loading into another location, you can “fly” through the map at Flash-like speeds. Just make sure you’re adequately equipped for combat if the glitch stops working as you come close to a tough enemy.

3. ‘Civilization’ Series - India

Throughout the series, the peaceful civilization is, oddly enough, more prone than most to dropping nukes. In recent versions of the game, this is more of an Easter egg, but its origin lies with a bug in the first Civilization title. Gandhi’s aggression rating in the original game is 1, but if you adopt the "democracy" government type (which lowers your aggression rating by 2), India’s number drops to -1. In programming terms, the system interprets the negative number as the highest aggression score possible, hence Gandhi’s lack of restraint with apocalyptic warfare.

2. ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ - General Glitches

San Andreas isn’t the only fictional GTA city to have its share of glitches--Liberty City is full of code errors, too. Cars might spawn on Happiness Island; vehicles that hit and kill Niko explode after the accident; and Niko might fall through the map in some locations. (Even with many issues throughout the game, you should still have time to go bowling with your favorite cousin, Roman.)

1. ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’ - Disappearing Faces

Ubisoft’s flagship series is criticized for many things, but none more so than its glitches. In Assassin’s Creed: Unity, many players encountered cutscenes where most of the characters’ faces were erased--with the exception of their eyes and teeth. Even with this terrifying image, many players laughed and used it as a prime example of the company’s need to rush production to churn out another installment in the franchise.

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    No Witcher 3, Roach?.. ??
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    Why does the "picture story" have no screenshots of the game glitches. Instead, just stock photos of the game with a text description of the glitch.
    What a waste of time clicking this story.
  • stairmand
    Stronghold 3, on release the wolves could climb ladders. (amongst a million other bugs)
    How can you possibly compile a list of memorable game glitches and forget to include the Corrupted Blood plague in Wow?
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    Seriously! If you aren't going to SHOW the glitches then there is zero point to actually read this. Using the AC Unity glitch pic to advertise this "article" amounts to nothing but clickbate false expectation!!
  • stairmand
    Stronghold 3, at release the wolves could climb ladders. (amongst a million other bugs)
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    An article about glitches with no pictures or video of said glitches? Booooo
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    So we've relegated the Skyrim Space Program Giant Launch System to being a feature have we? Eh, may as well be.
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