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21 Slot-1 Motherboards using VIA Chipsets

Soltek SL-67KV

Board Revision: A7

BIOS Version: F3 (January 14, 2000)

When opening the package, I noticed a yellow manual and CD, which was a Symantec CD and manual for Norton Ghost (Windows recovery software) and Norton Anti Virus. Despite having over 70 pages, the manual does not include much information besides the necessary configuration stuff. No installation instruction, not even a little BIOS guide. Instead of that the manual offers information for all Soltek motherboards. Maybe I will learn to appreciate this as soon as we have the others here for reviewing as well. The SL-67KV's features are: Five PCI slots, one ISA slot, AMR slot and AGP 4x. Three DIMM sockets are present and can handle three DIMMs at 256 MBytes each, making a total of 768 MBytes RAM. The modules can also be 72 Bit types to use ECC. The BIOS gives you the option to assign IRQs to every PCI slot if necessary.

You will have to place two jumpers for the right FSB speed and set four DIPswitches to adjust the right multiplier. Soltek provides an additional connector to make use of two more USB ports. But you will need to get the right cable. Of course the board does support all wake features and is also equipped with AC97 sound including all jackets and a game port.

Last but not least some great news: The Soltek board performed well in all benchmarks without real difficulties. I was almost becoming a bit depressed after two boards that couldn't show real benefits but this one made me happy again!