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21 Slot-1 Motherboards using VIA Chipsets

Transcend TS-AVD1

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 1.03.12 (December 16, 1999)

The TS-AVD1 makes use of the 693A chipset and comes with five PCI and one ISA slot as well as AGP 2x. Three DIMM sockets are available and will host up to 768 MByte using three DIMMs at 256 MByte each. Memory modules can be 64 or 72 bit for ECC usage. Regarding I/O features, the board comes with the standard equipment: two serial, one parallel, two USB, IR header, UltraDMA/66 controller and the SB-link connector.

Transcend does also use the best CPU retention system available, which makes it very easy to unlock the processor. Be careful with the DIMM locks though: As you can see on the photo, they have to be closed before installing an AGP graphics card. To compensate, the connector panel has been labelled excellently.

You will need to set two jumpers for your FSB selection as the multiplier has to be chosen by setting four DIP switches (red item on the lower edge of the photo). To overclock your system, Transcend provides several bus speeds up to 150 MHz. Besides that, you are given the chance to have influence on the memory clock: FSB + 33 MHz or FSB - 33 MHz. After reading the previous evaluations, you should now know that this makes it possible to run a 133 MHz CPU with 100 MHz memory or the other way round. Another useful option is the PCI IRQ assignment: If one card needs its "personal" interrupt, you may allocate it.

After a quick look at the manual you will be informed about CPU installation, hardware features and setup and of course, how to change the various BIOS settings. Our test package contained two IDE cables - one 40 and one 80 pin (for UDMA/66 devices). I'm not sure if this will also be in standard retail shipments, as the manual was a pre-release as well.

Good news from the benchmark runs: This board is the fastest one (not overclocked) using the 693A chipset. Basically, you will get a very reliable motherboard with some good details.