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21 Slot-1 Motherboards using VIA Chipsets

Motherboard Feature Comparison Table

A-Trend ATC6240-V693A2x5/2/no4/yes2/noMediocreGood
AOpen AX64 Pro694X4x4/1/yes3/yes2/yesAverageExcellent
Asus P3V4X694X4x6/1/no4/yes2/noExcellentExcellent
Azza PT-6VAX2693A2x4/1/no3/no2/noMediocreExcellent
Chaintech 6ATA4694X4x5/1/yes3/yes2/yesAverageMediocre
DFI TA64694X4x5/1/no3/yes4/yesGoodExcellent
Eüpa VP1693A2x4/2/yes3/no2/yes-Unknown
FIC KA11694X4x5/2/no4/yes2/yesGoodPoor
Gigabyte GA-6VX-4X694X4x5/1/yes4/yes4/yesGoodGood
IWill VD133693A2x5/1/no3/yes2/noMediocreGood
Jetway 994AN-L694X4x4/1/no3/no2/noMediocreGood
Lucky Star 6VA693A693A2x4/2/yes3/no4/yesMediocreGood
MSI MS-6199693A2x5/2/no3/yes2/noMediocreExcellent
Q-Lity P3V-T693A2x5/2/no3/no2/noGood *Good
RioWorks PSVA694X4x4/2/yes3/no2/noAveragePoor
Shuttle AV61693A2x5/2/no3/no2/noPoorExcellent
Soltek SL-67KV694X4x5/1/yes3/yes4/yesExcellentExcellent
Tekram P6PRO-AU694X4x5/1/yes3/yes2/yesGoodPoor
TMC TI6VG4694X4x5/1/yes3/yes4/yesGoodExcellent
Transcend TS-AVD1693A2x5/2/no3/yes2/noAverageExcellent
Tyan S1854694X4x6/1/ni3/yes2/noAverageExcellent

* This motherboard is only rated "good" as the AGP is running overclocked by default.


Please take a look at the benchmark charts to get a better impression of the performance of the boards. When reading about excellent, good, average or mediocre, please take into account that the difference between the fastest and the slowest board (except Shuttle) is about 12-13% regarding the SYSmark runs and between 25 - 30% for the game benchmarks.

As power gamer, speed freak or professional user, you should take a closer look at the benchmarks. Standard Windows applications won't show any differences, so they should concentrate on their favorite features.


A board is excellent if there was not one single issue during the tests. Good boards caused a maximum of two minor problems which were not important, e.g. stability issues with a heavily overclocked CPU or hang ups at hardcore timing settings. Mediocre means that there were at least three hang ups or blue screens. Poor boards did not even complete at least one benchmark run.