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Three High-End Gaming Systems Compared


All three high-end gaming systems are incredibly powerful, proving that all three manufacturers know how to build fast systems. Each had its own strengths and weaknesses, however.

Looking back at the gaming benchmarks, it appears that the Falcon Northwest Mach 5’s pair of HD 4870 X2s are often capable of beating three GTX 280 graphics cards. Likewise, the dual-socket Skulltrail platform of the Vigor Gaming Colossus was far more effective at boosting application performance, having no advantage in games. Vigor Gaming also sells similar configurations to that of the Falcon Northwest PC, so we’d suggest choosing your favorite brand based on reputation and support, configuring your system to meet your specific needs.

HP’s Blackbird 002 LC might not have stood out in any specific performance area, but it was also overclocked far less. In fact, our searches of Falcon Northwest and Vigor Gaming’s Websites didn’t even show a “factory-overclocked-to-4.00-GHz” option. We can’t guarantee that any system sent to a retail buyer would receive the same treatment as ours.

A couple things that do push us towards the “boutique builders” are their three-year warranties and lifetime tech support. But unlike HP, Falcon Northwest and Vigor Gaming cannot offer on-site service. Pick your poison.