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AMD A8-3850 Review: Llano Rocks Entry-Level Desktops

Benchmark Results: 3DMark Vantage

Although 3DMark 11 is a newer title, Vantage is as high as we’re able to go. Not only is Intel’s HD Graphics implementation limited to DirectX 10-based software, but so is the Radeon HD 4290 graphics processor built into the AMD 890GX chipset.

As if to drive home my point on the previous page about synthetics designed to push a certain workload beyond where a real-world app might go, Vantage helps demonstrate the cataclysmic leap forward AMD is taking with its platform-based graphics performance.

Intel is on the second generation of graphics built onto its processor. This is AMD’s first time to the races though, and you can see that the company’s decision to devote more die space to the GPU translates into more than doubling of Intel's most recent effort.

Once you tear into that score, the source of AMD’s advantage becomes even clearer. The Radeon HD 6550D engine simply decimates HD Graphics 3000, which itself even manages to illustrate the benefit of putting processor cores and graphics resources on the same die, destroying the once-impressive 890GX’s result.