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AOC AG271QG Agon 27-inch G-Sync Monitor Review

Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

The AG271QG is an AHVA panel which gives it improved off-axis performance over typical IPS variants. AHVA stands for Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle and our photo shows a clear advantage for this technology. The side view shows only a minimal brightness reduction and a slight shift to blue while the top view retains detail but loses output and looks a little green. If you’re concerned about viewing angles, AHVA delivers the best possible performance of all LCD panel technologies.

Screen Uniformity

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Hot zones in the upper-right and lower-left corners spoil the AG271QG’s uniformity results. The zones exhibit a slightly visible glow, though we could only see it in test patterns and very monochromatic content. It’s a sample specific issue so other panels may measure better than ours. It did not reduce our gaming enjoyment though. And color uniformity is essentially perfect. The .41 range of DeltaE values is one of the best we’ve ever recorded.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

Please click here to read up on our pixel response and input lag testing procedures.

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For those of you who skipped right to this page, we’ll end your suspense. The AG271QG is one of the quickest gaming monitors we’ve reviewed. It and its FreeSync counterpart, the AG271QX, share the crown for fastest panel response. And the QG’s 26ms total lag score is eclipsed only by the Asus PG271Q, and only by one millisecond. For all intents and purposes, it’s a wash. If you detect latency on this monitor, you have supernatural skills. Mere humans will simply experience perfectly smooth motion with little to no perceptible blur and instant responses to keyboard and mouse inputs.

Christian Eberle
Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.