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Tom's Hardware's AMA With Asus, In Its Entirety

Graphics Cooling, Liquid Cooling, And High-Res Monitors

Q. More and more people are running Distributed Computing projects on their hardware 24/7 which generates lots of heat...I would love to see more high end cards (like the HIS 7950 IceQ Turbo) make an effort to actively push at least a proportion of heat out the back of the case. Perhaps some kind of hybrid cooling dividing the heat output could be possible?

A. Our focus on graphics cards design is creating superior to reference designs with key focus being on cooling and acoustics. Blower type fan as less efficient and louder than the dual axial/impeller based design we use. In some situations the delta can be greater than 15 to 20c. Additionally we do extensive testing on many chassis/cases and have found modern chassis with good airflow are only moderately impacted by heat that may be partially exhausted into the chassis. In addition blow based design can also increase internal chassis ambient temperatures due to hot spotting of the PCB due to considerably increase temperatures. As such it comes down to a combination of picking the chassis and layout for whatever GPU you use. As of now due to the superior performance we offer in our solutions we are still keeping focus on non-blower based designs. With that noted we will continue to monitor feedback from our users and the community as a whole.

Q. Will the Asus Poseidon be released with the Asus VI formula? Really looking forward to getting those :)

A. The formula should be available within the next month so keep the look out. As for the Poseidon it is still under design and development.

Q. Why is there not more push for water-cooling north bridge/south bridge/ cpu on AMD and Intel based Asus boards?

A. Currently the highest amount of water-cooling comes from Intel based chipsets. Additionally as complete independent water cooling is a more expensive solution it is a slightly different price band due to AMD chipsets lower cost. With that noted we continue to produce high performance boards and work with partners at ensuring there are options for users looking for water-cooling on our AMD series boards. As always should we get enough feedback this is something we would consider in the development of our boards. Keep in mind though the overall task is more complicated than just making a block as we have to design a solution that provide great passive ( air ) performance as well as solid water cooling experience. This is important as only a small % will use the optional water cooling.

Q. I'm really interested in hearing any plans for higher resolution monitors also. When can we expect high DPI desktop monitors at 24" or less? Is there a chance for 3840x2400 and not only 3840x2160? Will monitors stick to that resolution, or can we expect even higher ones in the near future?

A. I can't get into specifics but you should start to see higher DPI monitors in those smaller sizes starting in the second half of next year.