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be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W Power Supply Review

High Performance And Dead Silence

This PSU carries on the traditional of the previous-generation Dark Power Pro series, offering high performance along with low noise levels. The Dark Power Pro 11 with 850W capacity is the quietest PSU tested so far, including the silent RM units by Corsair. be quiet! does excellent work, achieving this result without exploiting a semi-passive mode, which we believe is useless when you have a fan that can operate problem-free at such low speeds. This is exactly the case for the SilentWings 3 fan in the Dark Power P11-850.

Compared with the previous Dark Power Pro 10 model with similar capacity, the Pro 11 has small differences in noise output at up to 70-percent load. However, with a full load it achieves a significant noise reduction of 4 dB(A), according to the data provided in be quiet!'s reviewer's guide. The  Dark Power Pro 11 units with 1kW and 1.2kW capacities have a larger noise difference compared with their predecessors, reaching 5.5 dB(A) and 8.9 dB(A), respectively, at full load operation.

All three Dark Power Pro 11 units are currently available worldwide, while the lower-capacity members of this line (550–750W) will be available within the second half of this year (possibly in August) and initially in the European market. The prices of the 850, 1000 and 1200W units in the U.S. are $200, $240 and $280, respectively.

The Dark Power P11-850 is a good PSU that will please those with high-end PCs who want the quietest PSU money can buy. There are passive units available that emit zero noise, but in the best-case scenario, their capacity reaches 600W and they typically have only four PCIe connectors, so they cannot adequately support a high-end gaming system.

Although the assembly and soldering quality could be better, especially since this unit has to compete with high-end implementations from Flextronics, Delta and Seasonic, which mostly feature flawless build quality, it is still acceptable. Also, FSP used only high-quality Japanese caps that increase reliability, even under tough conditions.

Moreover, the Dark Power P11-850 uses one of the best fans available for this kind of operation, capable of 300,000 hours of operation according to be quiet!

FSP proves it is able to deliver excellent performance.

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware, covering Power Supplies.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos
Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.