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Build Your Own XGA Projector II: Suitable TFT Monitors

Manufacturer Claims And A Few Practical Tips

In order to really answer the central question of a suitable display, we contacted the major producers of TFT monitors and told them about our beamer project . The response we received was mixed. Manufacturers like Samsung and Hyundai seemed excited and expressed an immediate interest in the idea. As a result, both of these manufacturers receive special consideration in our list of the recommendations.

Not so with makers such as Viewsonic or Maxdata : here the rule is "buyer beware," as the warranty claims on these devices become invalid as soon as you open the devices. But then again, that should be obvious to any user pondering such a project. One thing that shouldn't be forgotten: brand loyalty and image are particularly sensitive in a do-it-yourself environment. Nonetheless, we discovered three Maxdata monitors that can be used.

According to Yakumo , salvaging the panels from some models is a simple affair, although the company did not clue us in as to exactly which models they meant.

Also holding its cards close to its chest is BenQ , a maker that has seen a tremendous increase in its market share over the past two years.

TFT monitors with defective backlighting as well as models with diminished brightness or other signs of age are still good candidates for use. Note that in some cases it may be necessary to replace the removed display backlighting on the electronic module with a so-called "dummy," as the circuitry looks for the unit.

  • Sokar Nox
    I can't find any of the monitors listed, I tryed Cragislist and Ebay. I tryed to use a dell 15 inch and the cable went accross the screen.. Any suggestions? E-Mail