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Casing Out MicroATX

Yeong Yang YY-A209 Is Almost Identical In Design To The YY-A208

On the outside the two models do not look similar. On the inside though, the blood relation of the A208 and the A209 is evident. Only little things like the power supply show any differences. Yeong Yang has put in an updated version that has a second 12V output in addition to SATA. Another difference is the second 2.4" (60 mm) fan that comes with this model. The diameter of the ventilation duct in the top of the YY-A209 case is 4.7" (120 mm). Behind the two front panels - plastic as usual - are found the frontal USB and audio ports along with a 3.5" drive bay. Four rubber rings serve to acoustically decouple the drives installed from the case.

For playback you need the latest Codec from .

Mouse-gray case for MicroATX boards

Rear view of YY-A209 case

The front connections are found behind a plastic panel

  • Nicoia
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