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Comprehensive VIA motherboard roundup June 2000

The Testbed

This article merges the results of our last two VIA chipset motherboard reviews. To make it a bit more interesting, we also included two new candidates: The Asus CUV4X and Epox' EP-3VCA. Next I have lined up all links to the boards already tested, whilst the two new ones are evaluated below. FIC sent us a new revision of their KA11 and the IWill VD133 Pro has become considerably faster with their latest BIOS. Thus you will find some new comments on them as well.

12 Socket 370 Motherboards using VIA's Apollo Pro 133A

This article went online on May 25, including the following boards:

The Asus and Gigabyte boards scored best back then. Some weeks before, we took a look at Slot-1 models:

21 Slot-1 Motherboards using VIA Chipsets
The listing only includes 11 of the 21 boards, as the remaining products are equipped with the older 693A chipset.

Back in April, we recommended the boards from Asus, Soltek, Tyan and DFI. In the beginning of May we did a Slot-1 VIA Motherboard Update , as we now got the boards from Abit and Soyo as well. Both made quite a good impression.