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Tom's Hardware's AMA With Cooler Master, In Its Entirety

Fan And Keyboard Recommendations, And 80 PLUS Titanium

Q. Are you Cooler Master guys thinking about making a game pad like the Razer Nostromo / New Orbweaver?

A. Currently, no but as we continue growing our gaming line it's not completely out of the question.

Q. How will the V8 GTS compare to 240/280mm closed loop solutions?

A. As long as the chassis is well ventilated the V8GTS will perform at roughly the same level as current highend aircoolers and 240 radiators.

Q. Any plans for JetFlos in a 140 size?

A. Yes they are in the works, but the 120s are going to hit the market first.

Q. Never understood the jumble of JetFlos and fans in general. If I wanted good case fans from Cooler Master, 120mm that offered good cooling and acceptable noise, but weren't super hardcore crazy in any respect, which ones do I buy?

A. JetFlos are high performance PWM controlled fans that can run at up to 2200RPM. We have included adapters that allow you to adjust the fanspeed down to either 1200RPM or 1600RPM. JetFlos also have steel threaded rubber sound dampeners to help keep the noise down. They would be my recommendation for anyone looking for a high quality fan. They are a very well rounded fan as a whole.

More Info on JetFlos:

Q. What is the most exciting upcoming product on the radar for Cooler Master?

A. Our next major product announcement will be during PAX Prime this August 30-Sept 2nd. I can't really go into any more detail than that.

Q. How is it like to work for Cooler Master?

A. Here's a tour of the company HQ (

Q. Your products have wonderful uniqueness and the selection you offer is amazing. It is such a pity that your website is not the easiest to use in order to see this collection.

A. Our website will be going through a redesign in the near future. I'd agree with you on a few areas we can improve on, and it is in the early design process.

Q. Hey Cooler Master reps! I would like a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx blue switches for under $100. Do you guys have a recommendation for me?

A. Yessir, is there anything else you'd need? Backlit? Tenkeyless? You can select from the following:

QuickFire XT (just launched, 104 key, no backlit)

QuickFire TK (compact TK design, blue backlighting)

QuickFire Stealth (covert keycaps, tenkeyless, no backlit)

QuickFire Rapid (tenkeyless, no backlit)

Q. I have this strange feeling that CM's big news is VGA coolers, since I have asked 3 times and have not gotten a response. I hope so I would like to see that product.

A. Let me debunk your theory, good sir. No plans for VGA coolers at this time.

Q. The Cooler Master V series PSUs were being touted for their extreme efficiency that would be eligible for the 80+ Titanium standard once it was finalized. Do you still make this claim? How does the V series qualify for this legendary rank, but not qualify for the lower 80+ Platinum standard?

A. The 80 Plus Titanium quote was in reference to maintaining 90%+ efficiency at 10% loads. Here's the direct quote from MaximumPC

"Efficiency is especially good at low system load, typical when browsing the web or watching videos. Since most PCs spend 90 percent of their uptime in this state, power savings here are much more relevant than 1 or 2 percent higher efficiency at full load," Cooler Master explains. "This is why the future Titanium spec will require 90 percent efficiency at 10 percent load, something the advanced design of the V series already reaches today."

You can read more at JonnyGuru over the review they had. There's a direct quote in there saying that not many platinum units could reach the 10% load testing efficiency that our unit was achieving in their tests.