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Desktop Datastore: Accusys Acuta 4S

Hot-Swap Fans

As is typical of many professional systems, Accusys includes in this device fans that are easy to change out. They are built into a metal cage and obtain power through a 4-pin Molex connector. The resulting system runs loudly enough that we can't recommend it be used in a typical office setting; the noise output is noticeable in almost any work environment.

The replaceable fan system doesn't just make it easy to swap fans out, it also facilitates replacing the vendor's fans with quieter models.

Software: Nearly Useless

The software bundled with this unit offers little usable functionality. Acuta RAID Info shows merely that an Accusys subsystem is connected to the host computer. It doesn't report on its status or configuration, not even to disclose the RAID level in use. That makes this tool practically useless.

A second program, Acuta View, permits e-mail notifications to be sent. But there's no way to define when and how to send them: only a target e-mail address is settable.

Acuta View can also report a brief event history, but most of this data is readily available from the two-line display on its front panel already.

At the company's online store on the German Web site, the cheapest UltraATA version of the Acuta 4 costs about $845. By comparison, the Proware DP-405CI that we tested previously is technically similar but superior in terms of both quality and software.