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Digital TV: An Easygoing (R)evolution

Digital TV Add-on Services, Continued

Included in DVB is the MHP data service standard, allowing customers with a MHP capable receiver to get value-added digital information:

The German MHP TV journal Hoerzu offers a detailed program guide.

More MHP examples from Germany:

Main menu with many options.

A game based on a popular TV quiz show.

MHP add-on service during the Olympic Games.

MHP vision from DaimlerChrysler - keyword advertising and product presentation via MHP

The potential of MHP services is great, but the industry and TV stations are still hesitant to launch MHP services widely, which again results in a feeling of insecurity for those considering investing in the technology. The number of MHP capable receivers in Europe is still very low, but even without MHP, a lot is possible today with standard DVB boxes:

The German pay TV broadcaster Premiere allows the viewer to choose between different viewpoints (such as the overhead view of a race, the pits, or the cockpit) during their Formula-1 coverage.

The manufacturers of DVB set-top boxes (here Technisat) offer an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with information on the current program. Devices equipped with hard drives can be set up for recording very easily.