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Double-Height Chic: Two Multifunction Panels From AeroCool


Both displays may be backlit in blue, red, or purple

Many things about these displays are impressive; not just their dimensions, but their functions also leave lasting impressions. Both devices require two free neighboring 5.25" drive bays to accommodate them. The indicators for the CoolWatch and the GateWatch are clear, and easy to read and understand. Readings on the LCD display are pretty large and therefore easy to see and follow. On the GateWatch, the 11 function buttons control all displays and functionality. In contrast, the AeroCool CoolWatch works quite differently: its front panel is completely software-driven, both for configuration and operation. As an added value, this fan controller also includes a 20-in-1 memory card reader and two additional USB and audio ports as well.

Because they require two neighboring 5.25" drive bays to enable their installation, these front panels aren't suitable for deployment in every PC. Only those who have room to accommodate them can take advantage of these attractive double-height devices.

As a concluding bonus, here's another new product introduction from AeroCool to ponder - their Midi-Tower PC case.

With its integrated CoolWatch display, the AeroCool Midi-Tower can only be described as flamboyant (especially if the back lighting is set to red!)

Technical Data

Vendor / ModelAeroCool CoolWatchAeroCool GateWatch
PriceAbout $90 (exact price to be determined; not yet available)$60
Physical characteristics
Form factor5.25" drive bay, double-height5.25" drive bay, double-height
Dimensions5.86 x 3.30 x 2.56"149 x 84 x 65mm5.90 x 3.35 x 2.44"150 x 85 x 62mm
ColorsBlack / SilverBlack / Silver
Display indicatorsTime, Temperatures, Sound volume, Alarm functions, Sound equalizer, Fan rotation speedTime, Temperatures, Sound volume, Alarm functions, Fan rotation speed
Backlighting colorsBlue, red, purpleBlue, red, purple
Control mechanismSoftwareFunction buttons
Front buttonsNone11 buttons
ProgrammabilityFrom softwareFrom function buttons
Fan controlsFor 4 fansFor 4 fans
Temperature sensors4 x4 x
Multimedia memory card reader20-in-1None
Front panel ports2 x USB Type A, 2 x AudioNone
Retail packaging includesFront panel, Temperature sensors, Extension cables, Manuals, Software, Mounting screwsFront panel, Temperature sensors, Extension cables, Manuals, Mounting screws