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Custom Cooling: Deepcool's Dracula And Arctic's Accelero Xtreme

Benchmark Results: Overclocking

Next, we increase the clock rate of our card's core to 1100 MHz and increase its voltage to 1.2 V.

The charts are the same, except for the black bar, which illustrates the effect of overclocking on each solution's thermal performance. Arctic's Accelero Xtreme 7970 pulls away from Deepcool's Dracula here, but not by a wide margin. Also, remember that the Dracula can accept larger fans if you're willing to spend more money.

The Acceleo Xtreme III with its copper adapter gets even closer to the reference design, though it still performs slightly better at idle and under load.

AMD's reference cooler becomes even less attractive as the Tahiti core nears 80 degrees. More problematic, though, is how fast the centrifugal fan needs to spin in order to keep the GPU at 79 degrees.

We again see our aftermarket coolers generating low and constant noise levels. In contrast, the reference heat sink and fan combination jumps to an even more unacceptably loud volume under load.