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DTI's Virtual Window 3D LCD Display


The DTI 2015XLS does deliver crisp, clear, and headache free 3D images. It's definitely a step-up from goggles and headgear, and the technology holds a lot of promise. It's not ready for the mainstream, but it certainly points the way to the future.

I did consider the option of using this display for demonstrations and trade shows. It's an eye catching solution, and there is the impact that a real 3D display would have on the audience. However, from any distance beyond being at arm's length from it, you get a lot of reflection off of the screen. It isn't apparent that there is something amazing going on. In one on one demonstrations or head-on use, the 2015XLS is a trip, but even though you have some freedom of movement sideways, you have to try hard to make sure that you are in an ideal position to get the full benefit of viewing in 3D. So, it takes some getting used to.

At $1699 the 2015XLS' value for money proposition is very much dependent on what you are going to use it for. DTI seems to be trying to make a case for this product for gamers, but it seems a stretch to expect even the most hard core gamer to part with that much money for the cool factor. It's definitely a luxury item, and not a necessity.

For people who need to have 3D displays for visualization, simulation, research, image processing, etc. this display must surely be a very desirable product. DTI has made real 3D very affordable for a large naumber of specialized users. If you are using your system for heavy design work it makes more sense to use the 2015XLS as a second screen because, it's just too small for heavy use.

For this kind of display to find wider user and adoption it needs a big manufacturer to back it (and make it cheaper). DTI does license its technology, and that may be the best hope for this technology to find a broader audience. However, the 2015XLS gets high marks for opening our eyes to the possibilities of real 3D displays, even though it's not quite ready for the masses.