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Six Dual Xeon Motherboards on the Cheap

Intel SE7505VB2, Continued

Many fixed-voltage regulators ensure stability

Intel provides each of its Xeon processors with a four-phase voltage regulator. Thus considerably less heat is generated than with a two- or three-phase regulator and it gets by entirely without a heat sink.

The P64H2 bridge controls the parallel PCI-X and PCI64 slots

The board is equipped with the P64H2 chip and has two PCI-X100 (A and B) and one PCI64 slot (C). It's a mystery to us why Intel does without a 133 MHz PCI-X interface in the server segment.

Intel relies on its very own 82540EM Gigabit LAN controller

The 82550PM is used for the 100-Mbit connection

Both LAN interfaces on the I/O shield

The board is fitted with Intel's 82550PM (100 Mbit) and the 82540EM (1 Gbit) network controllers. The 1-Gbit LAN chip is connected to the P64H2 Southbridge and runs in 32 bit mode at 66 MHz.

Two SATA ports for hard drives

3112A SATA controller from Silicon Image