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E3 2006 Preview: The hot games list

Witcher, War Front and Unreal

The Witcher (PC)

Polish game developer CD Projekt actually first announced this game at E3 2004. Fast forward two years and the fantasy action RPG is back at E3, this time with demo versions available at CD Projekt's booth.

The Witcher is based on worlds and characters of best-selling fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski, who penned the popular Hexer series. The game, scheduled for a spring 2007 release, looks to combine intense real-time action with extensive character customization features as well as a complex storyline based on Sapkowski's works.

Unreal Tournament 2007 (PC)

The latest version of the Unreal franchise from developer Epic and publisher Midway Games, Unreal Tournament 2007 was actually announced at last year's E3. This year, however, Midway is promising to show off the title's next-generation game play, in addition to enhanced modifiability and visuals for the Unreal Engine technology.

War Front: Turning Point (PC)

A real-time strategy game, War Front: Turning Point poses an interesting question: what if Hitler had been assassinated early on in World War II and Nazi Germany came under control of a new regime?

CDV Software Entertainment and Digital Reality present gamers with an alternate history by blending WWII history with science fiction in both single player campaigns as well as extensive multiplayer modes.