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Eye Candy: Stereo 3D Imaging

Outlook: Stereo 3D Already Has A Huge Market Potential

People are creatures of habit, often extremely skeptical of the new or the unusual. Yet we are also curious and get fired up - especially when we experience things in reality that experience has told us cannot be produced artificially.

Practice Beats Theory

To date, it has not really been possible to experience stereo 3D personally. Until recently, operating 3D devices was complicated while the display quality often failed to convince. Good stereo 3D content, such as slides, was difficult to reproduce and thus made a cost-effective product launch for the mass market impossible.

Now, though, the digital age is opening up utopian possibilities for the old (and not quite forgotten) has-been stereo 3D in its transformation into a young, desirable diva that sweeps you along with it - even if dealing with it takes a little getting used to and may be expensive in the beginning (what new technology isn't?).

Complete Systems Are The Key To Success

The use of stereo 3D components and/or systems must be made easier for users, whether private individuals or commercial end customers.

There are already very many parts of the puzzle (hardware, software and content) available that enable construction of powerful stereo 3D systems.

Creating, processing and distributing digital stereo 3D content have never been easier or cheaper.

The quality scale of stereo 3D content viewing technologies now ranges from the beginner's level with unbeatable value for money right up to professional users with virtual-reality ambitions. In the near future we can expect even more quality improvements and/or cost reductions in basic components through technological advances (such as smaller dot pitch, lower construction depth, higher computing power, bandwidths and transfer rates).


Stereo 3D has the potential to become a market of the future. It can generate market demand in all industry sectors - from production to consumption. Already today, the state of the art and the product quality are much better than is generally realized.

About the author:Lutz Möhr heads DNS Consult . The company operates an independent 3D competence center (3D-CC).It addresses producers of 3D hardware and software who want to create and edit content and caters to potential system suppliers seeking to put together and market complete solutions for a wide range of uses.The company's custom-built 3D-CC showroom in Munich not only exhibits the latest in 3D technology over some 200m² but also provides suggestions and help for its practical integration.