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Facelift: The ATi Radeon 9600 XT

Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne

Warcraft III has proven to be one of the most popular games released in the past few months. According to our information, the game engine does not employ any pixel shader effects - nonetheless it requires a DirectX 8.1 capable card. We tested the performance of the cards with FRAPS using a 3vs3 replay on the map "Bloodstone Mesa" played back at 8x speed. The replay was recorded during a clan war.

You could say that in Warcraft III the Radeon 9600 XT plays in a completely different league than the FX 5600! While the performance of the ATi cards stays almost constant even at high resolutions, the FX cards take a noticeable performance hit. There don't seem to be any measurable performance differences between the 9600 Pro and the XT, though.