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ioXtreme PCI Express SSDs Anticipate SATA 6 Gb/s Performance

Benchmark Results: Throughput

A peak throughput of 630 MB/s for the ioXtreme drives is pretty impressive, and it equals the maximum throughput of the ioDrives.

In terms of throughput, the ioXtreme drives are roughly 2.5x faster than an Intel X25-M G2. However, the ioXtreme’s minimum sustained throughput can actually be lower. You have to take this into account, despite the excellent average performance numbers.

Write performance is where the ioXtreme drives shine, even though they don’t pose serious competition to the professional ioDrives. You can see here why Improved Write Performance and Maximum Write Performance settings make sense. They actually do help to maintain certain minimum throughput numbers. The ioXtreme Pro at Maximum Write Performance sustains 270 MB/s, which is almost 4x as much as an Intel X25-M G2 with the latest firmware and TRIM.