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GeForce GTX 660 Ti Review: Nvidia's Trickle-Down Keplernomics

SLI And CrossFire, Compared

Now that we know how a single GeForce GTX 660 Ti fares, it's time to consider the performance of two rendering cooperatively. We're adding two GTX 660 Tis in SLI and a pair of Radeon HD 7950s in CrossFire to each game chart.

Of the seven games tested, one doesn't seem to work with CrossFire at all. All seven support SLI.

Although the GeForce GTX 660 Ti loses to the Radeon HD 7950 most of the time in our single-card testing, a pair in SLI manages to outperform the 7950s in CrossFire three times out of seven (one of those clearly because CrossFire isn't working properly). Lets dig a little deeper, though. In Batman, CrossFire simply doesn't do anything for the AMD cards. In Battlefield, one GTX 660 Ti beats one HD 7950, so we'd expect two cards to demonstrate a similar outcome. Skyrim is really the only outlier, and we know that it's largely processor-dependent. Combine that knowledge with the experience of CrossFire having higher overhead and it makes more sense that the GeForce cards would shift into the lead.