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GeForce GTX 760 Review: GK104 Shows Up (And Off) At $250

OpenCL: Double-Precision

Financial Analysis Performance (FP64)

When Nvidia designed its GK104 GPU, the company biased it in favor of gaming, purposely sacrificing other capabilities in a bet that mainstream customers wouldn't miss them. Double-precision compute performance is probably the most obvious compromise, and it shows in our benchmarks. Additionally, the GeForce GTX 760 again suffers from a second disabled SMX, resulting in a last-place finish.

Folding@Home (FP64)

Running the Folding@Home benchmark using FP64 yields no surprises. This is not the card you want for crunching numbers.

Clearly, the GeForce GTX 760 was not cut out for double-precision computation. That's expected, since it's based on the same GK104 GPU that also powers GeForce GTX 680, 670, and so on. All of those boards were designed with gamers in mind, and they don’t do especially well in this discipline. On top of that, the GeForce GTX 760 is hurt by its lower number of CUDA cores.

Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.