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Gigabyte GN-WLBZ201

Password Protection As Data Killer

Don't forget the password for the memory space, because if you enter it incorrectly six times in a row, the stick will reward you by deleting all your data.!

The memory space is partitioned into two areas: the first is integrated as a disk drive in Windows; here you'll find the manual and security software. The actual useable memory space is partitioned as a hard drive.

You can protect the hard drive space using the security software and a password. However, if you enter the wrong password six times straight, the key's contents will be irrevocably destroyed. That means that Gigabyte certainly fulfills stringent standards in terms of access security. Yet we find the method a little dubious, since the typical user of the WLBZ201 will use it at home and/or is not likely to store extremely sensitive data on it.