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Gigabyte GN-WLBZ201

Wireless LAN Monitor, Continued

The power saving function is only helpful in mobile mode if you want to use less juice. However, this has a negative impact on both its reach and the transfer speed.

Performance: Solidly Mid-range


As expected, the Gigabyte WLAN key handles the basic functions effortlessly. Depending on the model, it can store between 32 and 256 MB and transfer data wirelessly via USB. The interface also serves to connect the wireless LAN interface, which is 802.11b compliant and delivers a fast maximum throughput rate of 11 MBit/s.

We can deal with the low bandwidth of the USB 1.1 interface with only 12 MBit/s, since for one thing the storage capacities aren't that huge and for another it doesn't slow down the wireless connection in real life.

Wireless operation was quick to set up, and it posed no glitches. However, the no-holds-barred security management program is a bit too radical in our view. Users should at least be able to turn the automatic data destruction feature - or rather what Gigabyte calls the security feature - on and off.