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Homegrown Mod Manifesto: How To Build A UV PC

Assembling The Final Product, Continued

We have the cables tacked in place with the hot glue gun. This makes the process a lot cleaner and more durable over the long haul.

With a few more cabling tweaks, we have the finished product. We were pleased with the overall appearance of the cabling and the look of the system. Over the next couple of months we will tweak the cabling to improve its look. Overall, for about an hour's worth of assembly time, the results are very respectable. For system integrators, this is a nice "extra" that could be offered to buyers as an "up" charge and pitched to those who either don't want to mess with modding their PC cases or don't have the time to do it.

Here it is: the new THG UV PC in all of its splendor. Overall, we were pleased with the end product, but there is still room for improvement. Over the coming months we will still tweak the cabling to get it better. We are now ready to turn out the lights and see if we achieved the desired effect.