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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Review: One Flexible Ultrabook

Results: Synthetic Benchmarks

System Benchmarks

First on our list of benchmarks is the PCMark 7 Performance Ratings Test.

While the performance rating difference between these two systems isn’t huge, it is quantifiable. The additional memory channel appears to lend Dell's solution an advantage, at least in this synthetic metric, regardless of the fact that both systems have the same processor, graphics, and SSD.

The overall results show the Yoga 13 playing catch-up to the Dell XPS 12.

CPU Tests

In running a detailed, three-stage CPU performance test, we can see in greater detail how the respective system processors handle various synthetic tasks. As many already know, the processor is only as good as the weakest system device supporting it.

The Dell system shows substantive gains over the Yoga 13 in five out of nine tests.

While the low-voltage processors are still a little toasty, let’s throw Cinebench R11.5 into the mix and see how they respond.

The scores in this benchmark are even in the single-threaded workload, while the XPS 12 enjoys a slight lead over the Yoga 13 in the multithreaded test.

Graphics Tests

Next, we politely stress Intel's HD Graphics 4000 engine using 3DMark 11 and the graphics portions of PassMark Performance Test v8.0.

As expected, the results are nothing to bowl us over. And before someone asks, no, neither system can play Crysis. With that said, lightweight games like Angry Birds: Star Wars and Fruit Ninja perform great on both systems. Online media-streaming services like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube offer fluid video playback even in high-quality or HD modes. Casual media encoding projects are also possible.

Memory Testing

In revisiting Lenovo’s decision to configure the Yoga 13 with a single memory channel, we can see how it affects performance, though nowhere near as much as we might expect when looking at the raw bandwidth numbers.

Drive Testing

While on the subject, we might as well explore the performance ratings of the two OEM versions of the same PM830 SSD installed in both the Yoga 13 and XPS 12.