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2013 Infiniti JX35: Getting Us One Step Closer To A Driverless Car

Driver Amenities

The driver's seat is a good place to be in the JX35. Not only does it offer lot of support, but the chair's corresponding armrest is placed for maximum comfort. Heated and cooled seats with six temperature levels keep any part of your body in contact between toasty and cool.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel is just the right size. Heating elements under the surface warm your hands gently, without getting uncomfortably hot. Access to push-button start functionality is convenient; you're able to keep your keys in your pocket or purse without fumbling for them.

Each JX35 comes with two sets of keys, each linked to the driver's seat settings. Chair, wheel, and mirror positions are stored independently for both keys. Since the JX35 is a seven-passenger vehicle, it's reasonable to assume that at least two family members might drive it. So automatically adjusting the seating and steering is not only convenient, but it's also good for safety.

Intelligent-View Display

LCDs in gauge clusters are becoming increasingly common. Infiniti integrates a “high-resolution” display between two analog gauges to present on-board vehicle information like driver assistance status, fuel economy, outside temperature, and more. You can also use it to choose between a number of vehicle settings.

What you don't get from the center screen are navigation instructions. Ford's Focus offers this for half of the price, so we find it an odd oversight. Sure, there's always the eight-inch infotainment display to glance at, but some folks want to keep their music-oriented screens up in the console without switching back and forth between the navigation plan to check directions.

Aside from that one missing feature, the gauge cluster's LCD display does a solid job of relaying information about the JX35's driver assistance systems.