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Is the KuFormula VF1 Plus the Magic Bullet for Graphics Cooling?

VF1 Plus

KuFormula VF1 Plus Bundle

There are actually two flavors of the KuFormula VF1: the regular model and the Plus model. Both feature the same dual heat pipe cooling module and accessories that allow the cooler to be attached to many video cards on the market today. The regular VF1 model is designed for use with a typical axial fan with a diameter of 80, 92, or 120 mm; it has a suggested manufacturer's retail price of $26.

The version being reviewed in this article is the VF1 Plus, which includes RAM heat sinks, a fan speed controller, a PCI holder, and a powerful cross-flow fan (also called a radial fan). This fan is unique in that it is a squirrel cage type, unlike most axial fans found in PCs today. The VF1 Plus has a MSRP of $38, which - assuming it performs well - is quite reasonable when you contrast it to competing solutions. It's even a good price when compared to its smaller brother, the VF1, which does not come with a fan at all but costs only $12 less.

KuFormula VF1 Plus Heatsink

As mentioned above, the VF1 Plus is highly adaptable to different types of video cards. This is due to Sytrin's ingenious method of attaching the cooler to the card via clips that are custom-made to fit specific card types. There were three sets of clips that came with the VF1, which was enough for it to be compatible with the video cards shown in the following chart.

KuFormula VF1 Plus Compatibility chart