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Is the KuFormula VF1 Plus the Magic Bullet for Graphics Cooling?

Installation, Continued

KuFormula VF1 Plus heatsink on card

Incidentally, from what I understand, this should be the only installation difficulty for X1800/X1900 owners who purchase the base VF1 model (not the Plus version) - it does not come with the squirrel cage fan and bracket. I have informed KuFormula of this spacing issue, and hopefully they will supply countersink screws with the VF1; I have no confirmation of this, however, so keep the issue in mind before buying.

With the cooler installed, all that remained was to install the fan bracket and fan. The bracket is made to go into the slot next to the video card, and provides a fan speed control switch on the PCI slot in addition to giving support for the fan bracket. Upon inspection, a new challenge quickly appeared, though: the fan bracket I received with the VF1 Plus is not suitable for a card as long as the All-In-Wonder X1800 XL (nor any other X1800 or X1900 series card for that matter).

Fan bracket length problem