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Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X

JavaScript Performance Benchmarks

FutureMark Peacekeeper

In Windows 7, Chrome tops the new version of Peacekeeper with a score of 3775 on the MacBook Air. Opera follows in second place by 650 points, with Safari another 1000 behind Opera in third. IE9 comes in fourth, just shy of 2000 points, with Firefox 9 trailing behind with a score just under 1700.

Chrome also claims victory in Mac OS X, though it falls 500 points lower than its Windows 7 score. Apple Safari earns a second-place finish on its native platform with a score of 2500. Opera for OS X takes third place just under 2300, while Mozilla Firefox again comes in last at just over 1600.

Mozilla Kraken v1.1

Google Kraken v1.1 Mod

Kraken v1.1 Composite

The differences between the original Mozilla version of Kraken and the Google modification are minute. We're considering dropping the Google Mod from the test suite and sticking with Mozilla's original Kraken test in future editions of the Web Browser Grand Prix. Sound off in the comments with your own opinion.

Apple SunSpider v0.9.1

IE9 still wins the original version of the SunSpider benchmark due to its "dead code elimination" optimizations. Firefox 9 places second, nearly 35 milliseconds behind IE9. Safari comes in third, followed by Chrome and Opera in a near-tie for last place.

The placing remains the same in OS X, though both Firefox and Safari perform better on Apple's OS, whereas Chrome and Opera are speedier on Microsoft's.

Google SunSpider v0.9.1 Mod

The Google Mod of SunSpider pushes Chrome from fourth place up to first in Windows 7, with Firefox closely in tow. IE9 moves from first to third, while Safari drops to fourth, and Opera retains its last-place spot.

Firefox 9 for OS X takes the lead on that platform and beats all of the Windows 7 scores. Chrome takes second place, followed by Safari in third, and Opera in fourth.

SunSpider v0.9.1 Composite

The composite SunSpider score puts Firefox in the lead for Windows, followed closely by IE9 in second place, with Chrome even closer behind in third. Safari places fourth and Opera solidly falls into last place. Firefox for OS X is again the big cross-platform winner, followed by Safari. Chrome takes third place on Apple's platform, while Opera cannot get out of last place on any version of this benchmark (and in any platform).