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Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X

Flash Performance Benchmarks

GUIMark 2 Flash

All of the Windows 7 browsers appear to have steady scores with no browser showing an abnormal weakness in any of the three HTML5 implementations.

Firefox and Chrome for OS X both seem to have an advantage in vector charting, while Firefox also shows a strength in text columns.

Once again, Opera, Safari, and IE9 all place close together at the top of the pile in this Windows 7-based test.

Opera places first with 41.5 FPS, followed by Safari with 40.5 FPS, and IE9 with 39.5 FPS. Firefox comes in fourth place at 35 FPS, while Chrome takes last place with 32 FPS.

Mozilla grabs the lead in OS X with 33 FPS, followed by Chrome with 32 FPS. Safari takes third at 30.5 FPS and Opera brings up the rear at 29.5 FPS. All of the browsers do worse in OS X than in Windows.

Flash Benchmark 2008

Safari takes the lead in Windows 7 by a decent margin over second-place finisher IE9. Opera pulls into third, followed by Firefox in fourth and Chrome in fifth.

The OS X placing changes significantly, as the last-place finisher in Windows 7, Firefox, takes the Apple gold. Safari takes a hit on its native platform to come in a very close second, though, trailed by Chrome (which also enjoys a benefit over the Windows version). Opera comes in last place, not far behind Chrome, but very far behind its Windows 7 score.