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Matchless Muscle: Overclocked 8800s


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion shows us where push comes to shove with all of the cards. It has the latest of many graphics techniques and pushes cards to a new level. With the advent of the Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 Conroe processor, we saw the game was bound by what the graphics card could deliver. When the 8800 series was introduced, we saw a few of the tests become CPU bound, but this was only with GeForce 8800GTX based cards. The overclocked EVGA 8800GTX almost moves the 1600x1200 indoor test into this category. The average frame rate for the test was within 18 frames per second of the 1024x768 and 1280x1024 resolution results. The Foxconn 8800GTS OC Version now makes game play possible with all of the bells and whistles enabled at 1600x1200 for cards other than GTX versions.