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Mega Test: 14 Boards with KT266A and nForce 420D

MSI K7N420 Pro - Targeting The End Consumer

The MSI K7N420 with an nForce chipset.

Board revision: 1.0

BIOS version: V1.0B1

The packaging for the MSI motherboard.

MSI's strategy differs somewhat from that of the Asus A7N266 - the manufacturer has furnished the board with interesting features that are geared towards the retail market. You have the option to use the AGP adapter card included with the mobo as a TV output jack for the graphics integrated in the chipset. What's more, you can also use the included slot bracket and cable to harness the digital output (SP/DIF) on another integrated feature, i.e. the sound function. MSI gets some well-earned praise for its comprehensive collection of accessories - a total of 6 USB ports can be connected to components via the slot brackets. Like the Asus A7N266, the MSI can also run in dual-channel mode. The MSI performs at about the same level as the Asus board with an nForce chipset - it can't hold its own against the fastest boards based on the VIA KT266A chipset.

View of the ports on the MSI board.

A card with a TV outlet is included.