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Mega Test: 14 Boards with KT266A and nForce 420D

Azza 366A-AV - Plain Jane

The Azza 366A-AV.

Board revision: 1.2

BIOS version: 26.09.2001

The packaging for the Azza motherboard.

In features and other characteristics, the Azza 366A-AV pretty much blends in with the rest of the candidates in this test group. One eminently practical idea was that of leaving out the fan on the North Bridge, since only a modicum of heat is generated there anyway. As the benchmark results show, the Azza places between the middle and the lower third in the rankings. The manufacturer was very circumspect about setting the clock speed for the front-side bus - our reading was precisely 132.91 MHz. At this speed, our CPU ran at barely 1595 MHz, instead of the official 1600 MHz. Less useful, however, was the integrated CNR slot, for which there are no freely available components on the market.

View of the ports on the Azza board.