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Best Of The Best, Part 3: Who Makes The Most Elite PC Case?

Building With The U2-UFO (Horizon) CYO

Mountain Mods includes a basic set of screws that are specific to the way a case is ordered. Also included were a set of thermal probes for the added-cost fan controller.

We could, in theory, have moved one of the two provided hard drive cage kits to any of the U2-UFO’s fans. Because 3.5” drives screw on from both sides, we needed to remove at least one of the two cages simply to install any drives.

Mountain Mods' drive cages are 3.5”-only, so we also had to track down a 2.5”-to-3.5” adapter tray just to install a single SSD. Since that’s all we were using, we left the second bracket set out, which could have also saved $13 from this unit’s cost if it had been ordered that way.

Horizontal orientation limits access to motherboard screws. We could have removed the top panel to install the board, but removing the motherboard tray was an equally-viable option. Doing so allowed us to take this nice photograph.

It might be lacking a few basic features, such as quick drive access, front-panel I/O, and fan filters, but the U2-UFO certainly caters to the performance side of the features-versus-performance argument. And it even looks the part, with all of its radiator-supporting fans lit up.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.