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MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro NVMe SSD Review: Big on Endurance, Small on Price

Great SSD for prosumers and media content creators.

MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro
(Image: © Tom's Hardware)

Creating the right mix of price, performance, and endurance is challenging, but MyDigitalSSD's BPX Pro brings a fine balance of all these aspects to the table. The BPX Pro isn’t the best performing SSD we've tested, nor is it the cheapest, but it offers plenty of performance and a ton of endurance for whatever workload you throw at it.

The table below includes the current street prices and endurance figures for the products in our comparison. The BPX Pro ranges from $0.31-0.27 per GB, which is somewhat low for an NVMe SSD. Just this week ADATA dropped the price of the SX8200 to an incredible $0.22-0.29 per GB, and the Intel 660p retails for ~$0.21 per GB, but those SSDs only offer a fraction of the endurance.

ProductCapacityTBWPricePrice Per GBPrice Per TBW
MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro240380$74.99$0.31$0.20
Samsung 970 EVO250150$87.99$0.35$0.59
Samsung 970 Pro512600$197.99$0.39$0.33
ADATA XPG SX8200240160$69.99$0.29$0.44
ADATA XPG Gammix S11240160$99.99$0.42$0.62
Intel SSD 660p512100$110.46$0.22$1.10
Intel SSD 760p256144$99.99$0.39$0.69
WD Black250200$84.99$0.34$0.42

If your workload isn’t write heavy, like most average gamers and PC users, there are alternatives like the ADATA XPG SX8200 or even the Intel SSD 660p. These SSDs are more cost competitive and offer a bit better application performance, so we would be more inclined to recommend them over the BPX Pro. The Samsung 970 EVO is just a few dollars more depending on capacity, but it doesn’t have the best endurance on the market like the BPX Pro.

If you're a media creator and plan to use an NVMe SSD to help speed up your workflow, most of your workload will tax the storage media with heavy write workloads that can chew through endurance pretty quickly. The BPX Pro is a nice less-expensive alternative to the pricey Samsung 970 PRO, which also offers a ton of endurance and performance for the money. But the BPX Pro offers more endurance than the Samsung 970 PRO. While it isn’t quite as fast as the Samsung 970 PRO, the BPX Pro is fast enough for the average prosumer.


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