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Nvidia's GeForce 7800GS Becomes a Better Buy

EVGA GeForce 7800GS SC

EVGA is headquartered in Brea, California. Like BFG, it supplies graphics cards for gamers and PC enthusiasts. Inside the package is a DVI-I digital adapter to convert the Dual Link DVI-I output(s) to a standard VGA connection. Also included is a four-pin power extension cable to supply sufficient power to the GeForce 7800GS.

There is an installation guide and a CD inside the package; at the back of the installation guide was all of the legal information including the warranty. EVGA offers a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase for all part numbers ending an AX, DX, or FX, and it lists customer service numbers in the event there is an issue.

The CD contains the card driver, DirectX 9.0c, ResChanger (a utility to manage display options), and two trial version programs. The first is SnapStream Media's Beyond Media digital content management and playback software. It allows you to download online content from vendors such as Napster, to catalog your videos and music, and also includes sundry features like weather updates and Caller ID. The second program is from Ulead: DVD MovieFactory 3 allows users to make and burn movies on CD and DVD.