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Overindulge Yourself with QX6800

The Systems

While we had three systems arrive at our door, only the Armageddon from Biohazard Computers and Mach V from Falcon Northwest were fully functional for this article; the ABS Ultimate system was not. I guess that is what we as consumers have to deal with. Builders put hours of assembly and burn-in testing to make sure their systems are at 100% when they leave their doors. Once they enter the hands of delivery companies, though, it is anyone's guess. In my opinion they embody the American Tourister Gorilla personna as you never know who touches your stuff before it gets to you. That being said, once we have the ABS Ultimate back in pre-delivery condition, we will test it and post the figures.

Biohazard Armageddon

ABS Ultimate

Falcon Northwest Mach V