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NZXT Phantom 820 Case Review: Conceptualized By Enthusiasts

Technical Specifications And Inside The Box

Time For A Fork Lift?

Reviewing PC cases can be surprisingly hard work, especially when FedEx drops off a 30-pound package and offers some friendly "advice" to maybe start reviewing smaller components in the future. Hopefully that wasn't a threat.

After dragging the case up some stairs and through hallways and an office, we took our first shower break before continuing on to unpack the enclosure. Fully built-up, the Phantom 820 can weigh as much as 45 pounds, depending on what you put inside of it.

Technical Specifications
ModelNZXT Phantom 820
SizeATX Full-Size Tower
Material0.8 mm Steel, Plastic
Dimensions235 mm (Width) x 650 mm (Height) x 612 mm (Depth)
Compatible Motherboard Form FactorsMicro ATX, ATX, XL-ATX, Extended ATX
Expansion Slots9
External 5.25" Slots4
External 3.5" Slots0
Internal 3.5" Slots6 (tool-less installation), for 3.5" hard drives and (with tools) 2.5" SSDs
Front Connectors2 x USB 3.04 x USB 2.0Audio In/Out
Card ReaderIntegrated
Included Fans1 x Front 200 mm Preinstalled1 x Back 140 mm Preinstalled (120 mm Optional)1 x Top 200 mm Preinstalled (2 x 200 mm, 2 x 140 mm, or 3 x 120 mm optional)1 x Side 200 mm Preinstalled2 x Bottom Optional (140 / 120 mm)1 x Internal Optional (120 / 140 mm)
Fan ControllerFour-Channel with Steps / OffMaximum 15 W
LightingLED Strip in Top, FrontRGB Color Controlled by Turning KnobWhite LED on ATX Panel (Back)
Power Supply Unit (PSU) Installation LocationBottom
FiltersFront, 2 x Bottom, Side
Weight15 kg (32 lb)
CompatibilityCPU Cooler up to approx. 155 mm with Side Fan Installed, 185 mm withoutGraphics Cards up to 330 mm without Internal Fan Installed

In The Box

All of the case's accessories come in a small, white, plastic case, making it easier to store the small parts you don't use while you're building up your machine. It would have been really cool to see NZXT use a 3.5” or 5.25” format so that all of the extra bits and pieces could have been stored in a spare drive bay. But compared to most other cases that include an unsorted plastic bag, we can't complain.

The white case contains a familiar assortment of screws, spacers, and cable ties. An installation tool for the spacers and other small parts is also included, and there’s an extension for the CPU power cable (EPS12V), which is a definite plus since most large enclosures that could use one don't come with one. The manual is small, but it is well-organized and definitely a nice addition.

The only thing missing is a Piezo speaker. This is strange because it’s such a cheap part, and we’re looking at a $250 case. It's becoming less common for case vendors to include a speaker, though, and we're frankly not surprised since most enthusiast-oriented motherboards include diagnostic LEDs or their own speakers built-in.

We have no complaints otherwise. Everything we expect to find is included.