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Pioneer DVR-A06 DVD Writer: The War +/- Won't Happen

Test Configuration And Methodology

ProcessorAMD Athlon XP 2100+
Memory512 MB PC2100
Hard DriveIBM 120 GXP 60 GB
Graphics CardHercules 3D Prophet 9700 Pro
Drivers & Software
OSWindows XP Professionnal
BenchmarksNero Burning ROM CD Speed 1.01.3Nero DVD Speed 0.53BNero DAE TEST0.4B

The tests were performed in four stages:

  • Reading a CD (650 Mb)
  • Min and Max transfer rateAccess TimeAudio extraction + DAE test
  • Reading a DVD (4.26 Gb)
  • Min and Max transfer rateAccess time
  • Writing a CD
  • Time to burn a CD-R 650 MbTime to burn a CD-RW 650 Mb
  • Writing a DVD
  • Writing a DVD-R/+R 4.5 GbTime taken to burn a DVD-RW/+RW 4.5 Gb

We compared the DVR-A06 and its predecessor the DVR-A05 to the Philips DVDRW-228K and the Sony DRU-500A. We really would have liked to include the most recent Sony dual writer of course, which is also compatible with the latest speeds, but Sony could not get it to us fast enough. So we'll make a date with the dual writers for a future comparative test.