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Portable, Plug & Play, High-Performance Water Cooling: The Corsair Hydrocool200

Stealth Power Cooling For The P4: Zalman's CNPS7000-Cu

There are no two ways about it: Zalman's CNPS7000-Cu is one of the most powerful and possibly the most "beautiful" air coolers around for the Pentium 4. Measuring eleven centimeters across and weighing in at 780 grams, however, it is one of the real heavyweights on the block. The CNPS7000 is incredibly well constructed.

The CPU contact surface is lapped to a mirror shine to provide excellent heat transfer between the CPU heat spreader and the heat sink. The cooler also ships with a control unit so you can set the fan speed to anywhere between 1350 and 2400 rpm.

The fan speed control unit for the CNPS7000.

The fan noise is non-existent in silent mode and barely audible at maximum speed (38.7 dB(A) with an ambient sound level of 31 dB(A)).

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