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PSU Roundup: Performance, Price, Efficiency


Antec’s power supply shows remarkable efficiency under full load as well as half load. It’s able to demonstrate 87.2 percent and 88 percent, respectively. Under low load, efficiency drops slightly to 83.3 percent. Just bear in mind that under full load, this is the best device in our test field.

The power supply is frugal in standby, too. It uses 690 milliwatts at zero load. At a load of 2.5 watts on the standby cable it consumes 4 watts, an efficiency of 62 percent. Antec’s voltage converter does relatively well with this result, too.

Antec Signature 650 Watt

The Antec power supply is the classic size and is thus well-suited to use in 19-inch and HTPC housings.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Fan design is ideal for HTPCs.Low energy need in standbyHigher efficiencyChoice options with Molex and SATA
  • Higher price