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Dell Precision T5600: Two Eight-Core CPUs In A Workstation

Results: Media Encoding And Productivity

TotalCode Studio

The encoder formerly known as MainConcept is well-threaded, and a fast SSD array helps this dual-processor workstation achieve the best score seen in this test thus far.


HandBrake demonstrates similar results. Fast storage, plenty of memory, and two powerful CPUs deliver impressive numbers in this threaded encoder.


The same cannot be said for Lame, which is not a threaded test. Rather, it's sensitive to architectural efficiency and clock rate. You can certainly run multiple file conversions at a time to achieve some degree of parallelism, but that's not what we're measuring here.

Acrobat XI Pro

Also a single-threaded workload, converting a PowerPoint presentation to PDF taxes one core. The faster you can run it, the sooner this task finishes.

Visual Studio

Compiling is certainly a productivity-oriented task that legitimately justifies workstation-class hardware. This is our standard Chrome compile test, and you really can’t shake a stick at these results. Two and a half times faster than our baseline workstation and a third faster than Chris’ results here.