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Preview of VIA's upcoming Apollo Pro+ 133 Chipset

Enough With The Theory, Give Us The Benchmarking Facts! - The Test Setup

Now this is all pure theory, it's still necessary to put this new PC133-platform to the test. We should expect at least some performance gain over BX, especially with memory intensive applications. I've tested VIA's PC133 vs. BX with the following system:

CPUIntel Pentium III 550 w/o multiplier lock, clocked at 600 MHz
VIA PC133-MotherboardEpoX P2-133A,VIA Bus Mastering Driver Rev. 2.1.33VIA AGP-Driver Rev. 3.3VIA IRQ-Routing Driver 1.3aVIA USB Filter Driver Rev. 1.04VIA PCI Bridge Patch Rev. 1.4
Intel BX-MotherboardAbit BX6 Rev. 2
Memory128 MB PC133 SDRAM from Micron/Crucial Technologies, CAS latency 2
Hard DriveWestern Digital WDAC418000 EIDE ATA-66
Graphics CardDiamond Viper V770 Ultra, TNT2, Nvidia's reference drivers 0182b
Operating SystemWindows 98
Screen Resolution1024x768x16, 85 Hz Refresh Rate

This is a picture of the EpoX PC133 motherboard: