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Preview of Intel's Upcoming 'Camino'-Chipset

Results - Pentium III 600 With L2-cache Disabled

Disabling the L2-cache gives Pentium III of course a performance hit. However, it makes the system performance much more dependent on main memory performance. This is what we want, to find out about the benefits of Camino and RDRAM.

Camino is looking a lot better now against BX at 100 MHz FSB. BAPCo Sysmark98 does not make that much of a difference, but Natural Speaking 3.52 and Photoshop can take a clear advantage of Camino's higher memory bandwidth once the CPU runs without L2-cache. Comparing the results can also show you where the motherboard maker needs to improve its Camino-platform. The L2-cache doesn't seem to improve the performance of this Camino-board as much as it improves the performance of the BX-platform. Again, BX at 133 MHz FSB is way ahead of Camino. This shows that memory performance DOES make a difference, particularly with missing L2-cache.