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Preview of Intel's Upcoming 'Camino'-Chipset

Latest Memory Pricing

Now since we know that Camino and the new RDRAM can't really show earth-shattering improvements over our beloved BX-platform, unless AGP4x should unexpectedly be a big performance booster, it's time to look at the costs. How much penalty do we pay for the little performance improvement of RDRAM?

Right now the price for RDRAM is rather scary. It's not quite clear if the RDRAM-price is for PC600, PC700 or PC800 RDRAM, but the source is a major memory-provider and thus reliable. RDRAM goes for about six times the price of PC133 or ten times the price of PC100. I wonder if the little performance improvement of Camino is indeed worth that amount of money. I can understand very well now why Intel delayed the Camino-launch.